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Fibrocor Therapeutics is a drug discovery company that leverages the detailed exploration of fibrotic disease pathways from stored patient samples to develop and commercialize best in class, tissue specific therapeutics that treat the underlying cause of fibrosis and address a significant unmet need in healthcare. 

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 With years of experience, our scientific team can discover clinically relevant targets that are linked directly to the fibrotic disease pathways in order to discover best in class small molecules that will prevent the progression in a variety of chronic indications including kidney, lung and liver fibrosis. 

Next Gen Therapeutics

Fibrocor has access to over 20 years of kidney tissue biopsies from St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and is applying next generation data mining techniques to hunt for promising targets that are linked to fibrosis.  Our lead compound in CKD is  expected to be IND ready within 6 to 12 months.   


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